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writeplease's Journal

write please!
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about us;

writeplease is a sister community of readplease! members are encouraged to post their own writing here and to comment on other members posts as well. it's all about networking, you know.


writeplease follows roughly the same rules as readplease, with a couple exceptions and additions:

001Please, NO INTRO POSTS!
002Pictures as well as text are welcome. If you are posting more than 2 photos please use an lj-cut.
003Put "theme" somewhere in the subject line of all theme-related posts.
004Most importantly... have fun.
005Do participate in the themes.
006Do not promote other communities.
007You may promote writeplease, but only promote in places that allow it.
008Critiques are appropriate and encouraged in the form of constructive criticism -- Malicious and inappropriate comments will result in immediate banning from both communities.
009On the other hand, if someone is attacking you and/or your piece, please refrain from retaliating and instead report it immediately to a mod.
010This should go without saying but, obviously, NO PLAGIARISM. This will not only get you kicked out and banned, but it will get you kicked off of LiveJournal entirely.
011No fan fiction or role-playing type pieces. This is for original pieces only.
012Absolutely NO pornographic type situations.


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